Nature is probably the most sophisticated and experienced artist you can find. I welcome you to the world of natural abstract images. Don't forget your imagination!

Soft and Gentle - a group of salps

Salps - jelly-like transparent creatures can be seen in the Red Sea almost all year round, but bigger numbers are often reported in spring.


I'll leave this one for you to guess :)

Living Gold

Every time you look at something a bit closer, you get surprised at the beauty of nature. This soft coral looks quite ordinary from above, but at the change of angle...

Into the Labyrinth

Hard corals provide endless opportunities for your fantasy.


Soft corals flow with the current, allowing it to shape them and still staying what they are, unchanged.


Some living creatures are real marvels, just like this plate coral.

Stars So Close

Leather corals can be stingy sometimes, but they always stay amazingly beautiful.


Spirals within spirals within spirals... Gorgonian Head feather star can really surprise you.


What could that be? A surface of some fancy painted fabric? Or a sea star? Feather sea star sleeping.

Just Don't Touch

Leather corals look very gentle, but they can be stingy sometimes... and still they always stay amazingly beautiful.

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