Corals, wrecks, rocks and various formations from all over the world are right here.

Gorgonia in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is a part of so-called "Biodiversity Triangle". Thousands of various kinds of fish and corals can be seen there in just one dive.

Two Worlds

This hotel in the heart of Raja Ampat, on Birie island, is built exaclt the way locals built their houses on the water.

A Vortex of Blades

Yellowtail barrakudas are not as big as their striped relatives but still can create quite an impressive view.

While the Owners Are Sleeping

This black damselfish lives in the anemone together with the native host - anemonefish.


What can be more serene and relaxing than crystal clear blue water with sun rays off the Menjangan Island shores?

Coral Garden

Hurghada boasts some of the nicest and colorful coral reefs in the world. Though not so easy to reach on a windy day, Careless Reef is doubtless a jewel of the Red Sea.

USAT Liberty Wreck

One of the most famous balineese wrecks - USAT Liberty, is so covered with corals, that it's hard to see the boat, which is over 70 meters long.

Silver Stream

Schools of glassfish usually stay in protected crevices and caverns, hiding from predators.


The waves break at the reef surface close to Bali.

Coral Tree

Large formations of hard corals are reare nowadays. We should treasure each one and protect them for the sake of being.

At the Reef

Corals reefs are home to thousands of fish and other creatures. They are vital for many ecosystems in the sea.

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